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17 January 2009 @ 09:54 am
The punks got punked  
Back in September I went away for a weekend and when I got into my car Monday morning to drive to work I discovered that channel 29 Punk Radio had been replaced with AC/DC. The prerecorded djs kept letting me know that the take over was temporary, so once a week I would push #1 on my radio presets in hopes of hearing some Descendents or Bouncing Souls. But I would see AC/DC Radio week after week after week. After a month I called Sirius to see what was up, the only advice was to email the djs to request songs (I’m sorry, I thought that I had an ipod so I could listen to songs I already know I want to hear) until they knew if they were going to bring the Punk Radio back.

When XM and Sirius merged I had renewed hope that a punk station would be brought back, twice the listeners, twice the demand. But no avail, months later there is no sign of the punks rising. But I have accepted it, and am laughing at myself. I spent the last 11 years listening to punk, not trusting the establishment, and relishing in the subculture, only to take the bait as soon as it was waved in front of my face. A 24 hour punk channel for only $13 a month? Sign me up! I never thought twice, never thought to question this corporate cooptation of an anti-establishment music. So, Sirius Radio, you got me. I was naive and should have expected this. All those years of being told I was an outsider should have made me weary…but I was just too excited to hear Ben Weasel’s voice as I flipped through stations. You have my money and a contract through the end of the year, but you taught me a great lesson - only trust punk music on the radio if the channel doesn’t come in quite clear, because the local college doesn’t have enough signal strength, those kids are the ones who should be getting that music out over the radio waves.
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